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(Recognized by UGC, DEC, AIU and Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)
  What is Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) ?
The Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is a university located at Gangtok and established in accordance with the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences Act 1995 (Act 9 of 1995) of Govt. of Sikkim. It is a unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) model between the state of Sikkim and Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG),the first of its kind in the country. The most advantageous part of SMU is to provide regular as well as distance learning at affordable cost for those who are unable to go to the colleges due to some financial problems or otherwise.

   What is the difference between Correspondence Course and Distance Education ?
In a Correspondence Course, a student is expected to study on his/her own using the Self Learning Materials (SLMs) provided by the University. A student does not have the benefit of a teacher for most part of the learning process, who can provide him/her with academic counseling.

Distance Education is more structured and allows learners to learn at their own place and pace. Two-way communication permits the students to contact the teachers through electronic media. Well-established student support services like virtual class-rooms, practical lab facilities, peer group interactions, mentor chats, counseling and advising sessions at authorised Learning Centers, help-desk, etc. ensure quality learning outcomes.

   Is SMU recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) ?
Yes, SMU is recognized by the UGC under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956, vide its letter no. F.9/76 (CPP-I) dated 9 December, 1998 and all programs / courses offered by SMU in distance mode have been approved by the DEC vide letter no. DEC /Retd/2009/4250 dated 06.11.2009.

  Are SMU Distance Eductaion programs/ courses approved by All India Council of Technical
      Education (AICTE) ?
SMU being a university (duly recognised by the UGC ) is authorized to start and conduct new programmes, without  obtaining  prior approval of the  AICTE. However, for the purpose of ensuring coordinated and integrated development of technical education and maintenance of standards, the AICTE may cause an inspection and render advice.

   Are SMU degrees recognized for employment and at par with regular degrees ?
Yes, As per the Gazette Notification (44) of MHRD, Govt. of India, vide no. F. 18-15/93-TD.V/TS.1V, dated 1st March 1995, all degrees awarded through Distance Education by the Universities stand automatically recognized for the purpose of employment. All degrees awarded by the SMU care in terms of Sec 22, UGC Act, 1956. Further, all programs offered through Distance mode have been approved by the DEC. Moreover, a certificate issued by SMU-DE does not mention ' Distance Education' i.e b>the Degree is as good as regular Degree.

   Is the degree offered by SMU-DE credible ?
SMU-DE is recognized by the Distance Education Council and the HRD Ministry. SMU-DE is ranked the No.1 Distance Education University in India for Results and Efficiency, No.2 in learning and experience by careers 360 and No. 3 in overall ranking. /td>

   To obtain admission, do I need to go through an entrance  examination ?
At present there is no entrance examination for admission to any of the programs offered under distance mode. The admission to various programs is purely based on eligibility criteria, as prescribed by the University in the Prospectus.

 I have work experience. Will I benefit because of it ?
We offer Lateral Entry to students with previous qualification / work experience. In the Lateral Entry scheme, students have to appear and pass the previous semester examination. Still, the books of the previous semester will be supplied by the University and internal assessment will be completed at the Learning Centre. For further details, refer to the Prospectus.

 What is the ‘semester-wise fee’ for the course ?
Please refer to the prospectus for the detailed fees structure of the University.

    Is there any payment other than the stipulated course and examination fees that I need to
       make ?
No. For each program, the fees that are required to be paid will be stipulated in the Prospectus for every session. All payments are to be made in favour of the SMU-DE only.

Can there be a refund of fees after admission or if a student withdraws from the course ?
Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.

  How do you make it easier for me to learn? What are the facilities offered ?
There are three ways in which you can learn at SMU DE :
1. SLMs – Self Learning Materials that will be sent across to you.
2. EduNxt– A virtual classroom that uses simulation, recorded presentations, interactive
3. self-study content and shared browsing.
4. Face-to-face – Learning Centres are authorised to provide counseling to SMU-DE students. 

  How will I get the Study material ?
Every Student and Learning Centre is provided printed study material designed for independent study. Self-leaning Material is also available to students in a digital format made available on EduNxt so that they can log in anytime to their program from the Learning Centre.

  Once I enroll, how long does it take to get my study material ?
Normally 16 days from the date of receiving the application at the University.

   Is it compulsory to attend classes under Distance Education mode ?
Attendance is not compulsory. However, the learning Centres (LCs) will provide students a platform to interact with counselors/faculty, other students and use the library facility at the LCs. Students may also receive hands-on training at designated LCs. Students are well advised to attend such classes / sessions to get their doubt clarified.

  Where will the Practical Sessions be held ?
These will be held at the Learning Centres or specially designated centres.

  What are Internal Assessments ?
Their are assignments for Continous Assessment and Feedback.

  Will there be a face-to-face interaction with faculty ?
The Learning Centre's morning, evening & weekend  classes involve a face-to-face interaction which you don't get with many Distance Educators. Yet you can study at your own place and pace.

   What is EduNxt? How difficult is it to use? Can I use it at a cyber café ?
EduNxt is a next generation interactive learning system that is designed to change the way a student learns. Convenient and easy to use. EduNxt creates a virtual classroom environment using simulation, recorded presentations, interactive content, self-study content and shared browsing. Yes, you can use it at cyber café. td>

   What is the passing percentage ?
• 35% marks in the Project Examination (PE) conducted by the Learning Centre.
• 35% marks in the term-end comprehensive University Examination (UE), if any, and
• 40% aggregate of the Project Examination (PE) and the term-end examination. 

   When will the results be declared ?
The results will be declared within 5 weeks from the last day of the examinations.

  When will I receive the Marks Card ?
Within one month of the declaration of the results, the individual Marks Card will be sent to the Learning Centre for distribution to the students. They are advised to visit the Learning Centre and collect the same without fail.

   Is there a scholarship available ?
Vidyadeep is a nationwide scholarship program which is offered to 1500 meritorious students of Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education (SMU-DE) programs. This scholarship is a first of its kind pioneering initiative in the field of Distance Education in the country

   Is there convocation at the end of the course ?
SMU holds a convocation once in a year. Dates and location for the convocation are decided by the University. Usually, the Convocation will be held between September and December every year. However, please note that due to the space constraints only select Distance Education students, based on their merit position in the examination will be invited to attend the convocation.
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